PN condemns Joseph Muscat’s Dubai visit

The Nationalist Party condemn Muscat's visit to Dubai, accusing him of adopting a 'business as usual' attitude, amidst a 'national tragedy'

This morning, the Nationalist Party condemned the prime minister’s visit to Dubai, which gave the impression, they said, of “business as usual”, during a national tragedy.

Yesterday, Muscat left for Dubai, to address a Global Citizenship Seminar and deliver a keynote speech on the “opportunities Malta has to offer to the Middle Eastern elite”, in terms of “alternative residence and citizenship”.

In a statement, the party pointed out that the world’s attention is on Malta right now, focusing on how the country was dealing with the “tragedy”, as well as the “institutional crisis” it was facing.

The party insisted that the responsibility should be shouldered, in order for the public to regain confidence in the country’s institutions. Muscat, they added, was trying to throw everything under the carpet. In the most “insolent manner”, he was giving priority to selling the country’s citizenship.

The prime minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri, said the party, was under a criminal investigation by the courts, after former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil submitted evidence of corruption, from the sale of passports.

In such circumstances, a “serious prime minister” should have been responsible. Muscat should have accepted the call for a parliamentary debate on civil society’s requests and certainly not have gone to Dubai to sell citizenship, the party said.