PN executive election sees 59 contesting for 18 posts

Two father-daughter tandems, the return of former MP Josie Muscat and a host of media personalities are among the candidates vying for a seat on the Nationalist Party's executive committee. No Gozitans on the list

Failed leadership candidate Alex Perici Calascione is vying for a seat on the PN executive as is his daughter Veronica. But the father-daughter tandem is not the only one.

Former minister Censu Galea, a party veteran, and his daughter Graziella, the St Paul's Bay mayor, are also vying for two of the 18 posts up for grabs.

The election among the general council members is expected to be held on 4 November, with early voting taking place on 28 October.

But the list of candidates also includes former MP Josie Muscat, the owner of St James Hospital, who appeared as a candidate in the last election. Muscat had caused controversy five years ago when he said men are provoked by wives in hitting them.

The list of candidates is also rife with various media personalities from the PN's organ NET TV, including Mario Frendo, Norman Vella, Jerome Caruana Cilia, Louise Tedesco, Claire Mifsud and Lisa Spiteri.

However, it was noted that none of the candidates is Gozitan.

This election is being held in the midst of unrest within the PN parliamentary group where some MPs are opposed to party leader Adrian Delia.

The election consists of two lists: one with male nominations and one with female nominations. Nine men and nine women will be elected.

The full list of people contending for the election is:

Male Candidates: Joseph M. Aquilina, Nicky Azzopardi, Ivan Bartolo, Charles Bonello, Albert Buttigieg, Alexis Callus, John Baptist Camilleri, Jeremy Cardona, Jerome Caruana Cilia, Roderick Caruana, Robert Cremona, Josef Cuschieri, Malcolm Custo’, Jean Pierre Debono, John B. Dougall, Gabriel Joshua Ellul, Michael Fenech Adami, Mario Frendo, Ċensu Galea, Stephen Gatt, David Grech, David Herrera, Alexander Mangion, Ernest Mercieca, Aaron Micallef Piccione, Robert Micallef, Malcolm Mifsud, Josie Muscat, Martin Musumeci, Alex Perici Calascione, Pierre Portelli, Mark Anthony Sammut, Liam Sciberras, Norvin Spiteri, Alban Thika, Ian Mario Vassallo, Norman Vella, Antoine Zammit and Jason Zammit.

Female Candidates: Amanda Abela, Marisa Abela, Simone Aquilina, Roselyn Borg Knight, Elaine Camilleri Schembri, Maryanne Cuomo, Graziella Galea, Margaret Mercieca, Paula Mifsud Bonnici, Claire Mifsud, Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami, Veronica Perici Calascione, Stefania Pirotta, Sandra Smart Costantino, Lisa Spiteri, Louise Tedesco, Evelyn Vella Brincat, Francesca Zammit u Marie Claire Zammit.