Malta ranks 27 for 'goodness' in 163-country index

Malta's contribution to the good of humanity has the country in 27th place on the Good Country Index

(Photo: Goodnet)
(Photo: Goodnet)

Malta's contribution to culture and the world order came in at 9 and 7 respectively in the index that ranks countries for their contribution to the good of humanity.

Using a wide range of data from the UN and other international organisations the Good Country Index compiles data on seven categories for each of the 163 countries surveyed.

Sweden tops the index, followed by Denmark and the Netherlands. Malta placed 27th, with its worst performing category being its contribution to international peace and security (129 out of 163).

The contribution to international peace evaluated categories such as peacekeeping troops sent overseas on UN missions and arms exports.

In the culture category where Malta placed 9 overall, the country excelled in the export of creative goods and services, freedom of movement and did well in press freedom. In the world order category where Malta achieved its highest placing in seventh place, the country excelled in charity giving, its birth rate and the hosting of refugees.

Malta did not fare well in the science and technology catgeory with a ranking of 63.

The first version of the Good Country Index was published in 2014 and Malta placed 23rd out of the 125 countries included in the list at the time.

The Good Country was founded by Simon Anholt, an honorary professor at the University of East Anglia in the UK, with the lofty aim of changing “how our leaders run our countries”. The index helps leaders understand that they are not just responsible for their own citizens, but for "every man, woman, child and animal on the planet”.