Socialist governments purposely put education on the back burner, Delia claims

Nationalist party leader Adrian Delia accused the current administration and previous socialist governments of purposely neglecting education in order to maintain a monopoly on learning, said he will be taking Identity Malta to court for not providing information on Electoral Register

The current administration “uses” students and “abuses” educators, Nationalist party leader Adrian Delia said today, as he claimed that it was always in the interest of socialist governments to not prioritise education.

Socialist governments preferred to neglect education, as they would always close up schools when given the opportunity, he said, adding that such governments prefer if a University course is attended by 15 students as opposed to 120.

Delia continued to say that socialist administrations prefer to pass legal notices so that the government collects data on children in order to maintain control and create a monopoly on learning.

Only 18% of educators would not change their job if they have the opportunity to do so, and this means that the absolute majority of educators are not happy, Delia said.

The shortage of students in the education course is also a matter of concern, Delia said, as less and less students are aspiring to become educators. “If we are not thinking of who will educate our children, this clearly means that the country will be far less recognised and appreciated in the near future,” he said, adding that the Maltese will be ill-prepared to deal with the problems of tomorrow.

“Don’t think that this is a coincidence,” Delia warned. “Don’t believe that the government doesn’t have the resources [to improve education] and that this isn’t a calculated decision.”

Delia also said that he will be taking Identity Malta to court if it did not provide information on the holding of elections to the Electoral Commission.

He said that the commission wrote to Identity Malta asking for this information, but that it only received partial documents. The information, which relates to names listed on the Electoral Register, is something which the Nationalist party is legally entitled to, Delia said.

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