Updated | PD calls for investigation on transfer of part of Mellieha Bypass to developer

The Democratic Party has called on the Auditor General to investigate how Transport Malta granted public land on the Mellieha Bypass for private residential development • Transport Malta responds to the allegations 

The Democratic Party has called on the Auditor General to investigate how Transport Malta has granted public land on the Mellieha Bypass for private residential development.

This occurred as part of the process of the application with the Plannning Authority, the MPs Godfrey Farrugia and Marlene Farrugia said in the letter. They said that the Ministry concerned failed to object during the application process when it had every right to do so.

It also appears that the Land Authority has not been consulted.

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“We note that such a transfer of public land was done without a parliamentary resolution or a public call and so goes against the law, considering that the transfer of public land is being achieved to serve this development,” the letter read.

“Furthermore, we note that this is being done as a pretext for the upgrading of the arterial road. Naturally, this requires the necessary space to make four lanes, pavements and bicycle lanes and thus has taken additional public land, possibly classified as Natura 2000, in order to protect the health and safety of all road users.”

Transport Malta welcomed the Democratic Party's query as it gives the Authority an opportunity to explain its role in such cases.

“It is being made clear that at no point was any public land given to the developers as erroneously alleged. The developers are forming a  public road that will remain for the use of the public,” TM said.

The bypass was to be realigned, following an exercise by the Planning Authority back in 2016, in virtue of which the bypass was rendered of the same width throughout, thus improving road safety.  

“The Bypass will remain with four lanes, as has been repeatedly stated and no additional land, whether Natura 2000 or otherwise, will be taken up, as PD has incorrectly alleged.”

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