Robert Arrigo warns PN supporters over two-thirds parliamentary majority

Nationalist Party deputy leader Robert Arrigo rallied in favour of PN leader Adrian Delia, insiting the entire party is united in support of him

In an emotional speech Arrigo rallied behind leader Adrian Delia
In an emotional speech Arrigo rallied behind leader Adrian Delia

Nationalist Party (PN) deputy leader Robert Arrigo called for supporters to rally behind the party and its leader Adrian Delia, claiming that a further slump would result in a two-thirds majority for Labour in parliament. 

Addressing the party’s general council, Arrigo pointed out that a two-thirds majority in parliament would allow the Labour government to amend the constitution without needing the consensus of the opposition.

During Saturday’s general council session which marked 25 years since the creation of local councils, he insisted that the PN needs to project a better image of itself. He said that although the parliamentary group was united, this was not being presented to the public.

Arrigo said that he was proud to apologise after he made allegations on social media that the PN would lose its third seat in the European Parliament if the people around Delia do not change. The comments were directed towards PN MP Herman Schiavone, PN general council Kristy Debono, and assistant general secretary Jean Pierre Debono.

Arrigo also addressed those within the party who have doubts about the leader, encouraging them to discuss any problems that they might have with him. 

“It took me long to accept you as it is hard to win my trust. But you lay your cards on the table and the evidence you produced convinced me,” Arrigo told Delia. 

The PN deputy leader also warned against fake news and fake blogging, pointing out a correlation between the landslide defeats conceded by the PN since the advent of social media and online blogs.