Updated | David Casa publishes leaked FIAU report on Konrad Mizzi

The PN MEP said he was doing so in response to attempts by Konrad Mizzi to seek absolution following the publication of the Egrant inquiry • Konrad Mizzi said the document appeared to be a collection of conjectures mostly based on speculative reports

Casa had said that the evidence contained in the report contained in the report would leave Joseph Muscat with no option but to remove Mizzi
Casa had said that the evidence contained in the report contained in the report would leave Joseph Muscat with no option but to remove Mizzi

Nationalist Party MEP David Casa has published the full text of what he claimed to be an FIAU report into the dealings of Tourism minister Konrad Mizzi.

In a statement issued by the European People’s Party, of which the Nationalist Party is a member, Casa said that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had for the last year resisted a magisterial inquiry initiated by Simon Busuttil in July 2017.

Last February Casa had taken the leaked report to an inquiring magistrate, insisting that the report, which focused exclusively on Mizzi's activities, showed how he worked hand-in-hand with the Prime Minister's chief of staff Keith Schembri to open companies to "hide money coming from illegal activity".

At a press conference announcing his intention to take the report to the magistrate, Casa had refused to make the report published as he had promised, insisting he would allow the magistrate to conduct his own investigation before doing so. 

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In a video message uploaded to Facebook earlier today, Mizzi said that the inquiry had cleared himself and OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri in addition to the Muscats.

“I am happy that the lies said about me by Ms Caruana Galizia have been cleared too,” Mizzi said. “The inquiry concludes that I received no payments from politically exposed persons from Azerbaijan via Pilatus Bank, and confirms there was no corruption or money laundering.”

The Labour Party reacts to FAIU report 

In a statement, the Labour Party said that Casa’s report regarding Konrad Mizzi was nothing new and concerned allegations he had been making for a long time.

“We will wait to find out the truth about his allegations, just like we did with the Egrant Inquiry,” Labour said. “It would have been more fitting if David Casa instead excused himself for being part of the false accusations against the Prime Minister and his wife.” 

Document a collection of conjectures

In a statement, Mizzi said that the document "purporting to be a draft by an FIAU analyst" was undated and unsigned.

"The document appears to be a collection of conjectures, in large part based on speculative reports published on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog and other local newspapers. It is revealing that the various chapters of the draft report tally with sequential attacks against Minister Konrad Mizzi, and this lends credence to the view that the document was drafted to be leaked. All these hypotheses and allegations have been strongly rebutted," Mizzi said.

"Building on the Egrant lies that he and Simon Busuttil professed, Mr Casa persists in his vile mission to tarnish the reputation of his political opponents through further unsubstantiated allegations. A detailed inquiry report by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja confirming that Minister Mizzi was not involved in corruption, money laundering or suspicious financial transactions are a solid rejection of Mr Casa’s baseless allegations."

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