Telgha t’Alla u Ommu bottleneck to be widened

The bottleneck which currently restricts its southbound carriage way to one lane, will be widened to ease congestion, Infrastructure Malta has said

The bottleneck in the Telgha t’Alla u Ommu southbound carriage way, will be widened to ease congestion, Infrastructure Malta said on Monday.

The road, which is one of the principal road links between the northern and central parts of Malta, linking St Paul’s Bay, Maghtab and Burmarrad to Mosta and the Birguma area of Naxxar, currently poses difficulties to road users, as they are forced to merge into one lane before the Birguma roundabout. 

Infrastructure Malta launched a project last week which will be widening this narrow part of the carriageway to open up the second lane and improve its approach to the roundabout.

The upgrade will include construction of the new lane’s foundation, rebuilding the road’s footpaths, walls to accommodate the two-lane alignment and a new asphalt road surface. 

The works will commence in the early hours of Tuesday morning, between midnight and four in the morning. 

Maghtab, Burmarrad and St Paul’s Bay towards Mosta and Naxxar will be diverted to Triq Burmarrad, towards the Targa Gap area of Mosta. 

The road is scheduled to be completed by the end of September. 

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