Strip clubs should be closed down not regulated, Association for Equality says

The NGO said that the violation and misuse of women's bodies should be banned just like the use of animals in circuses was

The Association for Equality has called on the government to ban strip clubs because "the objectification of women's bodies" should not continue to be tolerated.

Last week, Judge Edwina Grima called for the regulation of gentleman's clubs through specifically tragetted legislation that clearly spells out what activity is legally permissible inside such premises.

The association said it shared the same view as Grima, in that it felt there was an urgent need for action when it comes to to the protection from exploitation of vulnerable people who are engulfed in the "ad hoc sex industry". 

However, is said that it did not agree with any approach that regularised the activity.

“We have a very clear position, clubs should be closed since the objectification of women’s bodies cannot be regulated but should be banned,” the association said.

"In our country, the use of animals in circuses has been banned, yet it is disappointing to note that when it comes to the violation and misuse of women's bodies for the benefit of men, our society is very tolerant."

Strip clubs, it said, often posed as the first point of contact for prostitution, adding that since prostitution was a form of violence on women, it could never be regulated. "Malta must move away from becoming the brothel of the Mediterranean."

The association called on legislators to give a clear positive message “that human beings can never be bought and sold, especially when it has vowed to be the most feminist government”.