[WATCH] Michelle Muscat blames previous administration on state of Mt Carmel

Muscat was asked whether the restructuring works could have been started any sooner 

Michelle Muscat blamed the previous administration for the hospital's current state
Michelle Muscat blamed the previous administration for the hospital's current state
PM's wife blames previous administrations for state of Mt Carmel hospital

Michelle Muscat has blamed Mount Carmel Hospital’s previous administration for the state the hospital finds itself in right now. 

During a cabinet meeting held at Mater Dei hospital on Tuesday, Health Minister Chris Fearne said that Mount Carmel would be undergoing a complete refurbishment after describing the hospital’s state as “dating back to Charles Dickens' time”.

Asked whether the works could have been done any sooner, Muscat blamed the previous administration for leaving the hospital at such deplorable state for the last 25 years. 

“You should go ask that question to who was in charge of this hospital in the previous years. Ask them why they did nothing for 25 years,” Muscat said. 

The Prime Minister’s wife said that she was one “those people” who went there to see the reality with her own eyes, stating that in recent years a slow change has been seen. 

“I came here with no cameras to experience first-hand the reality in this hospital,” she said. 

Muscat was visiting the hospital on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, where she visited various wards while also meeting with residents at the hospital. 

Muscat visited two wards on the occasion, the Women’s Unit and the Young People’s Unit. 

A Marigold Foundation representative said that this is not the first time Muscat has visited residents at the hospital. The foundation usually opts to give gifts to the residents, but on the occasion instead of gifts, women residing in the unit were given a pampering session. 

The young people residing in the young people’s unit were also given a pizza baking oven upon their request. 

Muscat urged the public and the media to end the stigma on mental health, insisting that even on the day dedicated to its awareness, mental health is getting second priority to breast cancer awareness. 

“It is our role, along with the media to properly educate on the issue. As a foundation, we will continue to fight the stigma,” Muscat insisted. 

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