Adrian Delia declares war on Nationalist Party ‘traitors’

‘We are at war, no doubt remains,’ the embattled Opposition leader told members of the PN’s administrative council in a WhatsApp message sent at 5am on Monday

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has seemingly gone on the warpath against those he has dubbed 'traitors' within his own party
Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has seemingly gone on the warpath against those he has dubbed 'traitors' within his own party

Nationalist Party leader Adrian declared war against his opponents within the party through a WhatsApp message on Monday morning.

In his message to the PN’s administrative council which was sent at 5am, Delia says that no doubt remained in his mind that the party was at war.

“Today Christmas time has ended. For most a time of peace and caring. It was alas for us a time of battle,” Delia wrote in a message that resembles the declaration of war then Labour Prime Minister Alfred Sant had made against Dom Mintoff in the fateful summer of 1998.

Sant had called Mintoff a traitor for voting against his own government in a vote of confidence over the Cottonera marina project.

The embattled PN leader has been facing calls for his resignation ever since it emerged in court proceedings that his wife Nickie Vella de Fremeaux was accusing him of domestic violence against her and their children.

Vella de Fremeaux’s claims were made public when a court document was leaked and started doing the rounds on social media. In addition to the document, several videos and private messages from within the family have also been leaked.

In his message to the administrative council Delia, ever the poet, says that “in war there are mercenaries who wage it merely for monetary gain”.

“Most are so,” Delia wrote. “Few indeed, very few, heroes for love of God and country. Sometimes they turn the battle and at time of rare they win the war. Eternally history lauds them. But sadly most are lost not by lack of them but by traitors who cross the line and sell their souls and instance distraught, which can a nations destiny forebear.”

“We are at war no doubt remains,” Delia continued. “Most will fight and lose or win. Some will perish. Warriors few, they live to fight and win to die and hence shall live forever.

“The time has come. The time is now.

“For love of God and country in here only warriors true belong.”  

Party insiders with knowledge of the administrative council told MaltaToday that it was not uncharacteristic for Delia to send similar early morning messages. The sources, who are close to the Delia camp, however denied media reports stating that one member of the WhatsApp group had replied saying that if Delia wanted war he would get it.

On Sunday, Delia accused sections of the media, who he said where spreading allegations about him, of being "allies of Joseph Muscat and of the Labour Party", insisting that their only intention was to damage him and his family.