Adrian Delia: ‘I don’t intend to resign’

In a candid interview the Nationalist Party leader insists he sees no reason why he should resign or ask the party faithful for a vote of confidence because of a personal separation

Adrian Delia interviewed on Times Talk
Adrian Delia interviewed on Times Talk

Adrian Delia has no regrets over his decision to enter politics and insists in an interview published today that he will not resign from Nationalist Party leader.

Delia is facing separation proceedings, during which his wife has alleged domestic abuse. 

Interviewed on Times Talk, Delia insisted he will not address the allegations that have been made because of a court agreement with his wife not to discuss their separation in public.

Delia has been facing internal pressure from certain sections of the PN to resign in the wake of the serious allegations made in his regard.

But the PN leader responded with a solid “no”, when asked whether he offered his resignation. “No, I never offered my resignation and don’t intend to do so… I don’t understand the need for someone to ask for a vote of confidence because he is passing through a separation,” Delia said.

He denied that his personal troubles had an impact on his ability to run the party and insisted he was not dragging the PN down. 

“A personal separation has nothing to do with the ability of leading a party… Mention one instance where I have failed to do my job, failed to turn up, or where I wasn't focused or in control," Delia said.

He said the fact his personal phone messages were being disseminated by PN exponents meant that, if anything, he was a victim not the perpetrator.

In a combative mood, Delia insisted the PN had to put up a united front, four months before two important electoral appointments in May.

Asked whether he enjoyed the support of a majority of MPs, Delia insisted he could not answer that question but added that he was never challenged. "I know that I have overwhelming support from people beyond the party walls who understand what I am passing through because after all I was elected by the people for the people," Delia insisted.

He said the latest bout of internal criticism was an attempt to undermine improved poll results – he was referring to the December MaltaToday survey.

When asked who the traitors referred to in an early morning WhatsApp message were, Delia retorted: “People who are not accepting a democratic result.”

Delia is the first PN leader to be elected by the vote of party members after the statute was changed by his predecessor.