16.5% increase in Maltese travelling abroad during 2018

Just over 667,000 people travelled abroad last year with the largest increased registered among those aged 65 and older

16.5% more people travelled abroad during 2018
16.5% more people travelled abroad during 2018

The number of people who took trips away from Malta during 2018 increased by 94,548, or 16.5% when compared to the previous year, according figures published by the National Statistics Office. 

A total of 667,048 people travelled abroad last year, a majority of which, 396,870, went on holiday, with 148,405 visiting friends or relatives.

88,959 went abroad on business and other professional commitments, while 32,814 travelled for other reasons. The largest increase, 24.1% or registered among those going on Holiday.

The average length of stay for Maltese travelers was 6.7 nights. 29% were abroad for less than three nights, 33% for between four and six nights, with the largest proportion, 36% travelling for more than a week.

The largest proportion of trips were made by those aged between 25 and 44, however the largest increase was registered by those aged 65 and over.

Italy was the most popular destination among Maltese travelers, with 212,219 travelling to the country. The second most popular destination was the United Kingdom (118,712) followed by Germany with 42,121 tourists visiting from Malta.  

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