[WATCH] PN will keep defending Maltese and Gozitan citizens, Kristy Debono says

The president of the PN's administrative council insisted that unlike the Labour Party, the PN had not thrown out its values and social conscience

Nationalist Party administrative council president Kristy Debono said on Saturday that the Maltese and Gozitan people could always rely on the PN to defend citizen’s rights and interests.

Addressing the party’s general council, Debono said the party was open to everyone and was working to meet people in villages and their places of work every day.

The council, she said, was an opportunity to send a political message and show the people the results of the party’s work.  

 “People often ask me what the Nationalist Party stands for today,” Debono said, adding that her reply was always that the “PN was, is and remains, the party for which the interests of the nation and the country come first.”

She said there were many issues on which there were diverse opinions, or differences in style, within the party, but ultimately, she said, the party was united in its dedication to the country. “These are the intersection points that bring us all together.”

“It’s not the Nationalist Party that is going through an identity crisis, it isn’t the PN that is ashamed of its past and it isn’t the PN that has thrown out its values and abandoned its social conscience,” Debono continued, adding that the PN’s values remained central to its politics.

They were the same values and way of thinking, she said, that had brought great thinkers together within the party.

They were the values, she said, that had drove former Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami in “his fight for democracy” and Malta’s journey to joining the EU. They were the same values that formed the basis of former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi’s policies, which saw Malta adopt the Euro and weather the 2008 global financial crisis.

They were the values that drove former leader Simon Bussutil in his fight against corruption and the values that were today the centre of leader Adrian Delia’s leadership.

 “Values in favour of social justice, in favour of wealth for all, against exclusion and poverty, in favour of the weak and the vulnerable,” Debono said.  

She said the PN’s vision would seek to help the various sector that found themselves in a crisis because the government’s lack of planning.

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