Cocaine posted to PN MP Jason Azzopardi

The Nationalist Party MP says that an envelope he received at party headquarters contained a sachet with white powder that the police have confirmed was cocaine

PN MP Jason Azzopardi received an envelope containing a silver sachet with cocaine inside it
PN MP Jason Azzopardi received an envelope containing a silver sachet with cocaine inside it

Jason Azzopardi has claimed to be the victim of a “frame-up” after receiving an envelope containing a sachet of “white powder”, which has been confirmed to be cocaine.

Azzopardi said in a statement on Wednesday that he received the envelope last Friday and immediately reported the matter to the police when he realised it contained the suspicious looking powder.

The MP said the police have now confirmed to him that the powder was in fact cocaine.

Azzopardi said that on Friday evening he routinely collected the correspondence addressed to him from the reception at PN headquarters.

The envelope had a German address on it
The envelope had a German address on it

One of the envelopes, which appeared to have been sent to him from Germany, had his name and the HQ address printed on a small paper that was glued to the envelope.

Azzopardi said that he opened the envelope when he arrived at home and in it found a silver sachet glued to an A4 paper with no writing on it.

“In this sachet there was a smaller silver sachet with white powder inside that had a particular smell that I had never smelt before,” Azzopardi said.

He said that he immediately informed the PN leadership. “I told them that even if these circumstances did not make any sense or logic, I was going to report the matter to the police and ask for a magisterial inquiry to determine what this powder was.”

Azzopardi said that he handed over the envelope to the police at 11pm on Friday and a magisterial inquiry was initiated.

The MP was informed earlier today by police Inspector Wayne Camilleri that forensic tests showed that the powder was cocaine.

Police investigations are underway.

“On a political level I believe this was a vile attack and an attempt to frame me up by someone who believes he can intimidate me… you will not silence me and I will continue fighting the deceit and evilness that has eroded Malta,” Azzopardi insisted.