Transport Minister launches responsible behaviour at sea campaign

On the first day of summer, Ian Borg said that 50 areas around Malta and Gozo have been designated as swimmer zones

‘Be Safe at Sea’ is an educational campaign towards responsible behaviour at sea begins
‘Be Safe at Sea’ is an educational campaign towards responsible behaviour at sea begins

Transport Malta has launched an educational campaign aimed at emphasising the need for responsible behaviour at sea during the summer months.

The first part of ‘Be Safe at Sea’ campaign was launched back in May, and emphasised safety principles that must be kept in mind by those using sea vessels, like boats and jet skis.

Borg said that Friday – the first day of summer - marked the launch of the second phase of the campaign, aimed at swimmers.

He explained that 50 swimmer zones had been designated by Transport Malta, all of which had been clearly identified through signs and buoys indicating the limits of these zones.

Borg urged swimmers to keep the safety and that of people around them in mind at all times.

The campaign will take the form of radio and social media adverts, as well as through information provided to the public at beaches.

The minister stressed that, like last year, government would be ensuing a strong presence of enforcement officials at sea.

He said that last year had seen more than 1,000 inspections of sea vessels, which resulted in more than 200 warnings, more than 200 administrative charges, and more than 400 fines.

Borg said that an additional 1,000 inspections had also been carried out on commercial boats in Comino’s Blue Lagoon.

“Enforcement is important, but as always, I stress that each and every one of us should do our best to be responsible for our behaviour, not because of enforcement but because we understand what irresponsibility can lead to,” Borg said.  

Some of the rules for boats:

  • Driving a boat of more than 30 HP requires a nautical licence, an insurance certificate and a registration certificate.
  • Speed in ports, 300 metres out of sandy beaches and 200 metres out of rocky beaches is limited to 10 knots.
  • Speed in marinas and near berths is limited to 3 Knots. 
  • Every boat should have all the necessary safety equipment and someone who will not be on the boat should be told where you plan to go and when you plan to come back.
  • What is known as the 1/3 Rule is important – when using a boat make sure that you have enough fuel to go, enough to return and as much as you used to leave in case of emergency.
  • Always follow the Notices to Mariners available on the Transport Malta website, while checking the weather forecast.

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