Malta unaffected by heatwave hitting mainland Europe but it will still be hot

It will feel like 38°C for most of the week in Malta but temperatures will be way above the average across western and central Europe

Malta will remain relatively unaffected by a heatwave set to hit most of mainland Europe, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to be hot as the Met Office has said it will feel like 38°C for most of the week.

Intense heat will be hitting western and central Europe, with temperatures almost 20°C higher than the average lasting until the weekend.

This could push near-surface peak afternoon temperatures into low 30s across England, with temperatures of 36-40°C across parts of France, Benelux and Germany from Tuesday through till Saturday.

However, the Met Office at Malta International Airport has confirmed that Malta will remain relatively unaffected. Albeit still hot, the average temperature for the rest of the week is due to be between 32-33°C, apart from Tuesday which will see a slight dip to between 30-31°C.

Throughout the week temperatures will still feel between 36-38°C due to high levels of humidity, with things cooling off slight on Sunday, which will see temperatures that feel 34°C.

“Because of Malta’s position as an island surrounded by water, it’s less likely for us to experience such intense heat that is encompassing mainland Europe this week. The intense heat is down to high pressures building up, that has nowhere to go,” a spokesperson at the Met Office said.

However, the Met Office warned, that the public should still remain cautious of the high temperatures in Malta and take precautions when going out in peak times. 

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