Petrol and diesel prices up by 5c as of Thursday

It has just become more expensive to fill up after state-owned Enemed announced that as of Thursday all fuel prices have gone up

Petrol and diesel up by 5c
Petrol and diesel up by 5c

All fuel supplied by State-owned Enemed has gone up in price as of this morning, the company said.

The price of unleaded petrol has gone up by 5c per litre, from €1.36 to €1.41. Diesel has also risen from €1.23 to €1.28 per litre. Likewise petrol super has gone up from €1.51 to €1.56, and the price of diesel super has also risen from €1.33 to €1.38 a litre.

This is the first price hike in a year. Enemed enjoys market dominance.

In a statement on Wednesday, the government said that fuel prices in Malta were still lower than the average in the European Union despite the increase. 

It said that the international price of oil rose from €47 a barrel to €57 a barrel over the past seven months, an increase of 21%. It highlighted that while fuel prices increased several times in the EU, the price in Malta remained stable.

It said that the revised price of petrol was still 3 cents cheaper than the EU average, while the price of diesel is 5 cents cheaper.

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