Three migrants evacuated to Malta from stranded migrant ship

The NGO Sea-Eye, which operates the ship, condemned Malta for waiting until each migrant became a critical medical case before intervening

AFM evacuating three migrants' from the Alan Kurdi, credit Sea-Eye
AFM evacuating three migrants' from the Alan Kurdi, credit Sea-Eye

Three allegedly suicidal migrants have been evacuated off the NGO rescue vessel Alan Kurdi in the early hours of Monday morning. They are reported to have arrived in Malta at 4:30am, the third evacuation in the last five days.  

The NGO Sea-Eye, which operates the ship posted to social media, condemning Malta for waiting “until each and every one of the rescued has become a critical medical case”, before intervening.

The NGO said that the five migrants who remain on board the ship, understood the situation as little as the ship’s crew did at this stage.

The Alan Kurdi has been in a standoff with the Maltese authorities for several days and recently filed court proceedings in a bid to force authorities to allow the ship to disembark its remaining crew in Malta.

Five migrants were brought shore between Thursday and Friday of last week. Four, who were minors, were evacuated after medical staff aboard the ship had warned that their health was deteriorating, as well as showing several signs of anxiety.

That NGO said that on Sunday, migrants attempted to jump overboard, despite not knowing how to swim, in what they considered a suicide attempt.

As it stands only five migrants from the original 13 are still on board the ship. 

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