Joseph Muscat’s position is no longer tenable, Adrian Delia insists

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has called for the Prime Minister’s resignation in the wake of the latest developments that see his right-hand man Keith Schembri resigning and being questioned by the police

Opposition leader Adrian Delia
Opposition leader Adrian Delia

Adrian Delia has called for the Prime Minister’s resignation, insisting Joseph Muscat’s position is no longer tenable.

The Opposition leader said Muscat had asked Manuel Mallia and Michael Falzon to resign from ministers for mistakes done by people in their secretariats, and by the same yardstick he should be leaving now after Keith Schembri’s questioning by the police.

“Joseph Muscat’s capacity to decide for the country has been compromised. He should leave for the good of the country and the people,” Delia said in his clearest message yet.

The call for Muscat’s resignation follows the departure of former chief of staff Keith Schembri this morning.

Schembri is also being questioned by the police, although it is unclear whether this is linked to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

MaltaToday has reported that Yorgen Fenech, who is being questioned over the murder, has linked Schembri to at least one major public deal tainted by corruption.