[WATCH] PN proposes state-financing of parties, broadcasting reforms

Good governance proposals by PN propose national broadcaster completely autonomous from the State

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

The Nationalist Party has presented 15 proposals aimed at promoting good governance.

In a press conference on Saturday afternoon, PN leader Adrian Delia said that the party must step up, and start working towards lifting the country from the political crisis it finds itself in.

Delia emphasized that priority will be given to have the anti-corruption commission assume investigative powers to prosecute cases in court, and to immediately stop the sale of Maltese citizenship under the Individual Investor Programme.

Delia also said the PN wants to have independent media houses provide news bulletins on television, so as to guarantee the independence of the national broadcaster from the government of the day.

He said the national broadcaster would also be independent from the State, and that parties should be financed by the State so as to remove all conflicts of interest from private financing.

Delia also said MPs should become full-time professionals and not be employed with the State, as well as being given all the necessary resources to function to the same levels as in the rest of Europe.

The PN also wants four sitting judges selected by the judiciary to form the committee for the selection of judges and magistrates, together with the Ombudsman, Auditor General, and the Commissioner for Public Standards, who will issue calls for vacancies and where it will be the Cabinet to decide from three nominations for each vacancy.

The 15 proposals build on a previous set of proposals of good governance presented by former PN leader Simon Busutill in 2014.

Delia said that the Nationalist Party is looking beyond the situation the country finds itself in right now, and analysing the factors that have led to such wide-spread corruption in the country’s highest offices. “We need to carry out a series of measures and operations with which we can eliminate the root of the sickness our political climate has,” Delia stated.

The proposals also suggest the strengthening of civil society, transparency in the workings and committees of the country. “Positions of trust must only be awarded where it is absolutely necessary,” Delia said.

Delia warned against the repercussions the current political crisis might have on society and its different sectors, and stated that the PN will always be there to help. “We believe in the majority of workers and businessman, we know many of you are clean of corruption, and we urge to not lose faith,” Delia stated.

Delia concluded by stating that the proposals will be presented in parliament, with the hope of initiating a dialogue towards the national interest. “We want to discuss with public, the civil society, the unions, the political parties, the church and everyone who has the national interest at heart,” Delia said.

The PN leader also said that the country can only start lifting itself from the crisis it finds itself in by achieving true justice for the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination and the immediate removal of anyone involved in corruption. “We will continue to watch over this process, and ensure that everyone gets the justice they truly deserve,” Delia stated.

The Opposition leader once again called for the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.