UN observers will not abandon Syria mission

The UN’s observer mission leader in Syria says that despite several attacks, UN forces are committed to staying to complete the mission.

Major General Robert Mood
Major General Robert Mood

Leading the UN observer mission in Syria, Major General Robert Mood said that UN forces are committed to following through with their mission in the country despite coming under attack numerous times.

Following a private briefing of the Security Council which is questioning the mission, Mood said that cancelling the mission would be untimely and said they would not leave.

Concerned for the safety of 300 observers in Syria as turmoil increased during the last 10 days, the UN said that all missions were being suspended.

A UN Diplomat present during the briefing said that Mood had described how observers have suffered direct fire at least 10 times and said the situation in Syria and suffering of the people was getting worse.

Mood said that the suspension of the mission was attributed to several issues including the inability to get through angry mobs and past gunfire but observers are committed to completing their mission.

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