No one injured during hurricane in Mexico

Residents and tourist remain calm after being evacuated from homes and hotels as a precautionary measure as low-scale Hurricane Ernesto hits Mexico.

Forecast of Hurricane Ernesto's path
Forecast of Hurricane Ernesto's path

Streets were flooded and thousands sought shelter after Hurricane Ernesto struck Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula on Tuesday.

Winds reached 140 km an hour as it struck in the early hours of the morning according to the US National Hurrican Centre in Miami.

Around 2,300 residents and tourists were evacuated from Chetumal up to the coast of Tulum which is an area renowned for scuba diving and eco-tourism attractions.

Rain poured heavily down during the Category 1 hurricane which is the lowest on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale, but tourists who had been evacuated and given shelter did not appear to be concerned with some actually enjoying the experience.

Residents, on the other hand, would have preferred to stay in their homes having become accustomed to hurricanes passing through the area.

Forecasts say Ernesto is expected to re-emerge in the southern Gulf of Mexico causing state oil company, Pemex, to cancel training exercises at oil rigs as a precaution. 

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