Newborn girl among ten Tunisian migrants intercepted off Pantelleria

Ten migrants, including a newborn girl, were stopped by the Italian coast guard last night while they trying to enter Sicily from Pantelleria.

They were caught on a five-metre vessel while they were trying to land at the port of Scauri at the little island.

The migrants, who also included a young woman and eight men, have declared that they were all of Tunisian nationality and that they had sailed six hours before from the Tunisian port of Monastir.

The young girl was cold and with the clothes completely wet when she and the other migrants were discovered by the Italian coast guard, was transported to the “Bernardo Nagar” hospital, where she was medically examined by doctors.

The woman was also taken to the same hospital, while the other eight Tunisians were detained in the “Barone” Italian army barracks, where they were waiting to be transferred to Trapani with a cruise liner.

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