Most migrants discovered at Linosa to be repatriated

The Italian authorities will be repatriating 35 out of the 39 migrants who landed in the first few hours of yesterday at the Italian island of Linosa.

The Italian police have ordered the immediate transfer of the 35 adult migrants to a number of Centres for Identification and Expulsion, and they have been served with an expulsion notice.

The Italian authorities still had to ascertain the nationalities of the migrants before expelling them to their respective countries of origin.

The other four migrants who were still minors have been transferred to specialised centres in Agrigento.

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Agreed Joe. They should all be repatriated including minors because that's their trick. They sent minors who then later claim the right for their extended families to join them and we know what their extended families look like.
Alfred Galea
They should have repatriated all of them, coz the human traffickers will only deal with "minors" from now on.