French police search home of suspected attacker

French police have started to look through the home of the man suspected of injuring six soldiers by driving his car into them earlier this week

French police have started to look through the home of the man suspected of driving his car into a group of soldiers on Wednesday, injuring six. 

The man who was shot and captured hours after his assault in the Parisian suburb is not believed to be have been on the national security list.

Police confirmed that black leased BMW seized by officers was a similar vehicle used in the assault, however were not able affirm the inclusion of the driver who was allegedly unarmed. He was taken hospitalised in a "serious" condition after being shot five times close to a petrol station between Boulogne-Sur-Mer and Calais. A stray slug amid the capture injured a French police officer.

Recognising the black BMW on the motorway, police vehicles tried to force it to pull over, however the driver purposely slammed several cars in a bid to escape. Armed officers, who were dispatched from Lille and Rouen, took control over the pursuit, with the French police saying shooting had started after the driver made a gesture that suggested he was going to pull out a weapon.

The incident in Paris occurred about 8am on Wednesday during the changeover of soldiers stationed at Place de Verdun few minutes away from the town hall in Levallois-Perret. Six members of the 35th infantry were injured in the ambush with three of them seriously however none has life-threatening injuries.