[WATCH] British press headlines the day after PM Therese May’s disastrous conference speech

Press slams Theresa May’s ‘speech shambles’ as prime minister is plagued by coughing fit, prankster, and stage malfunction

No, this is not an advert for Halls mentho-lyptus...
No, this is not an advert for Halls mentho-lyptus...

Video: (C) BBC Newsnight/YouTube

Thursday’s front pages are an excruciating read today for British prime minister Theresa May, after a disastrous speech to the Conservative party conference in Manchester.

Except for the Daily Express and the Daily Mail – supporters of Brexit – pretty much all the UK broadsheets and the majority of the tabloids led with a reference to the shambolic speech, which was overshadowed by a faulty backdrop and coughing fits from the prime minister, who was handed a P45 by a prankster.

The P45 is a letter of termination handed to the British taxman: in this case, the mock-up was ‘signed’ by foreign secretary and Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson, as giving notice that Theresa May had resigned.

But even titles that are usually supportive of the British PM are now suggesting her future at 10, Downing Street is in doubt, with The Times saying she was on “final warning” after the “most shambolic conference speech in memory”, and that Tory MPs now see May as “one crisis from the exit”.

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