[WATCH] Arms embargo on Libya must be enforced, Carmelo Abela says

On Xtra Sajf the Foreign Minister says any political solution for the Libyan crisis would require all factions to sit round the table

Weapons continue to flood Libya despite an arms embargo
Weapons continue to flood Libya despite an arms embargo

The inability of the UN to enforce the arms embargo on Libya exposes the weakness of international structures, Carmelo Abela said.

The Foreign Minister said any hope for a solution in Libya depended on everyone’s support for the UN efforts.

“We cannot aspire for a political solution in Libya when weapons continue to flood the country in breach of the arms embargo and rather than embark on individual initiatives, countries should support the UN’s efforts,” he said.

Abela was discussing the situation in Libya on TVM's Xtra Sajf, hosted by Saviour Balzan.

Malta, like the rest of the international community, recognises the UN-mandated Government of National Accord as the legitimate government in Libya. The GNA is based in Tripoli but has very little control over Libyan territory, where rival factions still rule.

Abela insisted that a political solution would require all factions in Libya to sit round the table.

“There are other realities on the ground that have to play an important role in any eventual solution. They cannot be ignored. This was going to happen in April this year but the effort was disrupted by General Khalifa Haftar when he attacked Tripoli and continues to besiege the capital,” Abela said.

Academic Norbert Bugeja, senior lecturer at the Faculty for Mediterranean Studies, said Libya has always been a complex territory to govern.

“There is also a proxy war going on with various countries with differing political and economic interests, supporting different factions in Libya,” Bugeja said.

The north African state plunged into factional fighting after a united effort deposed strongman Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.