The best of free online gambling

The biggest advantage of wagering online is the freedom of the virtual punters to place a bet at any time depending on their location

Playing any games in the online casino for free is absolutely fun for the prospective players especially the players from Finland because they can enjoy the game without any commitment from the casino. Hence all the winnings of the client go straight to their bank account immediately without undergoing the registration process

What is playing without registration?

Casino without registration or kasino ilman rekisteröitymistä in Finnish is a marketing strategy of the casino site to entice a potential player to check their site and try any of their notable casino sites which offer the same account with a lot of perks.

The online casino without registration means the player doesn’t have to make a registration hence they can immediately place a bet immediately by using their Bank ID. It is famous because fast, and efficient and the player doesn’t have to type their personal details into the casino.

Pay N Play

It is another given name of the No Registration online casino account and as mentioned is using BankID to wager on a casino site that offers Pay N Play. Using Trustly is often used ad if you get lucky, the site might offer a bonus such as a loyalty bonus.

The Pay N Play casino models

The Pure model

The player needs only the BankID to automatically take advantage of the casino games offered at the site. It connects to your personal bank to get your identification. It also has a “resume play” option if the player took a break from playing.

The Hybrid model

It functions the same as the Pure Model, however, the difference is the player has options. For example, if they want to enjoy various bonuses and/or free spins, they can do so by making an account on the site.

What is a BankID?

A BankID is an electronic identification that is used in Sweden, particularly Trustly. Trustly is an open banking system founded by a Swedish company in 2008. The use of BankID, lets the player transact with a casino site that is affiliated with fintech. The BankID already has the necessary information the casino site needed for smooth dealings especially monetary matters.

Where can I get BankID? It is available in the following banks:

  • Nordea
  • Danske Bank in Sweden
  • Handelsbanken
  • Ica Banken
  • Lansforsakringar Bank
  • SEB
  • Alandsbanken in Sweden
  • Skadianbanken
  • Swedbank
  • Sparbanken Syd

Edge of Trustly:

  •  The player can immediately play after linking one’s BankID.
  •  Monetary transactions (deposit and transfer) are fast and efficient in this account.
  •  Since players don’t have to reveal their personal details hence it is safe from spamming or cyber thieves.

The downside of Trustly:

  • Trustly is only available in some European countries like Sweden, Germany, Estonia and Finland, Norway, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.
  • The players cannot view their game history.
  • This account does not offer such benefits or bonuses.
  • It requires a selected bank account that is affiliated with Trustly therefore if the player doesn’t have an account with a particular bank then it is not possible for the player to open this instant banking service.

Steps in Registering to the Pay N Play

  1.  Look for the “play now” button in the casino site registration section.
  2.   Look for your bank, click the logo then key in your bank account.
  3.  Verify your Bank ID.
  4.  A verification code will be sent to the player usually through an SMS.
  5.  You can now start playing and placing a bet.

Final Insight:

The biggest advantage of wagering online is the freedom of the virtual punters to place a bet at any time depending on their location. No registration online casino liberates the punters from the hassle or registration process. However, it is advised to check the casino site if they offer this type of account first. 


Disclaimer: Play responsibly, for help visit Players must be over 18.