Malta: The online gambling hub of Europe – A comprehensive guide

Malta is a small island but it has one of the biggest online gaming presences 

If I were to ask you where the epicentre of global gambling was, you would likely say, without a moment of hesitation, ‘Las Vegas’. Okay, some people may say Macau or Atlantic City, but barring those exceptions, gambling is synonymous with this Nevada desert oasis. Though this is still the place where millions each year make their gambling pilgrimage, the introduction and later exponential growth of online gambling has changed the casino and gambling landscape. From the craze of playing crypto pokies to online world series of poker matches and slot game apps to blackjack-specific websites, online gambling is a global business. 

So, with this in mind, may I pose another question? What is considered the hub for online gambling? More specifically, what is the European hub? Perhaps the answers to these two inquiries are not as quick to arrive. Well, what if I told you that Malta has become one of the major hubs of online gambling in Europe? You may not have considered it, so let’s learn more. 

The island is renowned for outstanding natural beauty, glistening cities with breathtaking architecture and historic sites that tell many a story. Malta is not just a popular tourist destination, but also a genuine epicentre of the online gambling industry. Unlike some other European nations, generally, it is not known for casinos or gambling locations. Still, within the online gambling sector, it has embraced the opportunities that this billion-dollar global industry offers. 

How online gambling made Malta a money-making hub

Let’s just make one thing crystal clear at the onset: Malta is a small island nation, but it is no less rigorous when it comes to online gambling regulation. Without exception, every online gambling company and site owner must have a license to run their business. Moreover, such licenses are only awarded to those who pass the tightest processes and intensive tests to prove their capabilities to run such a business. 

With this and the new legal protections that surround the online gambling sector in Malta, it has become something of a magnet for those who love online casino experiences and becoming a money-making hub has been a byproduct of that. When the Maltese government introduced the MGA, the Malta Gambling License for online gambling, it revolutionised the industry on both the island and overseas. iGaming in Malta is also subject to employment rules that ensure innovation and low taxation, becoming attractive elements for both owners and employees wanting to live and work there. 

Thanks to the relentlessly particular Malta Gaming Authority (the body that awards the licenses), there are now opportunities for overseas companies to start online gambling businesses whilst being headquartered on the island. One of the major reasons Malta has become a hub for European online gaming is the tax incentives offered to start-ups. As with any new business, lowering the initial set-up, the running and overhead costs is a huge draw, which is something Malta has truly embraced as part of its overall business strategy. 

From iGaming to online casinos, Malta leads and others follow

When companies, countries and industries see something successful, they often look to replicate that for themselves. To put it somewhat simply, they often want a slice of the pie, a cut of the profits and a share of the profitable industry in question, which in this case, is online gambling, as exemplified by Malta. Take one look at the online casino and online gambling website statistics for Malta. Without a doubt, they showcase how and why Malta has become the go-to place for those in the global iGaming industry. 

Places including Jersey, Gibraltar and even Canada, have started to follow the profitable road that the pioneering Malta has taken. In creating a regulated business-friendly environment for online gambling companies, the island has not only trailblazed in many ways, but it has also created a blueprint for attracting more and more money through this incredibly lucrative industry. But it’s not just the money that makes Malta a leader, it’s the regulation, too. 

Every online gambler wants to know they are playing on safe platforms and that their online casino sites are safe from being hacked, their details are not being stolen or misused and all other cybersecurity requirements are being considered. Compliance is a major factor for any business, but the online casino arena is particularly tight and meticulously watched. Again, the level of security is high, translating into customers, or players being happier to spend money and give these sites their business. 

With so many countries now seeing Malta as the framework, model and online gambling leader on which to base their own forays into the sector, it continues to be a small island with a big presence as the central European hub for online gambling. 

Players must be 18+ to partake in any gambling, casino or iGaming activity. Players are urged to seek help if they require it. Players play at their own risk.