Addressing workplace bullying: bBrave's awareness campaign during anti-bullying week 2023

bBrave, Malta's pioneering anti-bullying NGO, unveils its groundbreaking awareness campaign on bullying and ostracism in the workplace

Built upon their comprehensive 2023 Research Study on Workplace Bullying and Ostracism in Malta, bBrave is launching a campaign that aims to raise awareness on workplace bullying and highlight the necessity of addressing the issue head-on.

Another key aim of the campaign is to prevent myths and stereotypes surrounding the issue of bullying from creeping into the narrative. bBrave is on a mission to ignite awareness, provide the public with information and promote support mechanisms for those affected.

It's not just about identifying the problem: it's about empowering individuals to effect change. On the basis of its 2023 study, bBrave has compiled a toolkit including a template policy on bullying and ostracism at work. bBrave also used the findings of the study to deliver workshops on the topic. bBrave would like to invite the public to help by spreading the word.

About bBrave

bBrave is a voluntary, independent, and non-governmental organisation, registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (VO 1422), and a Core Member of the international Anti-Bullying Alliance. As the first anti-bullying NGO in Malta, thanks to its members and sponsors, it works on educating more about bullying behaviour and its effects. bBrave operates on a fully voluntary basis. It also assists individuals suffering from bullying in connecting them with the right support system.

Any queries may be sent to Dr. Aaron Zammit Apap on [email protected] or at +356 9944 8633.