Which celebrity home would you buy if you won the MegaMillions jackpot?

Celine Dion’s? Michael Jordan’s? Maybe even Beyonce’s? Let’s find out

With the Mega Millions jackpot having reached no less than €342 million, not only could you afford one of these insanely lavish and stunning mansions and villas, you could probably afford around…10. Which one (or 10) catches your eye?

No celebrity list is complete without Oprah Winfrey so let’s get this one started with her, shall we? Her home costs around €82,000,000 and is located in Montecito, California, featuring 6 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces, a cinema and a lake wholly dedicated to her very own unique collection of fish creatures. No? Let’s move on.

Jerry Seinfeld? Super famous comedian and television producer, as well as owner of a mansion that costs around €30,000,000, located in the Hamptons, New York. In case you were wondering, it includes a baseball field and a 22-car garage. That’s right, twenty-two.

French-Canadian singer Celine Dion bought not one, but two plots of land in Jupiter Island, Florida. She then turned the plots into a resort-style oasis with countless pools, a bridge, patios and a floating river that joins the two homes. It’s worth no less than €70,000,000. Oh and it’s on the market!

NBA legend Michael Jordan’s custom-made mansion in Chicago is worth €20,000,000 hides behind gates and is surrounded by trees. The interior however, includes a cigar room, with a custom-made, built in humidor and of course, there’s a full-size regulation basketball court, built to Jordan’s exact specifications.

Enter: power couple Jay Z and Beyonce. Their 14,000 square foot estate in Los Angeles not only includes an art studio, a decked out spa and six bedrooms, but also an Olympic sized pool… oh and is worth a reported €43,000,000.

Also within the realm of singers and songwriters: Taylor Swift. This one’s a four-piece deal however as it includes properties in Nashville, the shores of Rhode Island, Beverly Hills and Tribeca in Manhattan. Collectively worth around €40,000,000, we’d say they’re completely affordable with a Mega Millions win, right? Right.

Finally – Bill Gates. You might need to sit down for this one. As the founder of one of the most profitable companies in the world, Gates had no problem spending a jaw-dropping €145,000,000 on this property in Medina, Washington. Amenities include a bowling alley, a state-wide server system, a stunning library, oh and a pool with its own underwater music system. Enough said.


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