Galea and Corito both win

Boxing fans were treated to a action packed evening at the Orpheum Theatre in Gzira on July 1 2011.

Over 700 people attended the event to support the two Maltese boxers.

Dione Galea and Billy 'hitman’ Corito both had bouts against fighters from England. Galea and Corito both successfully defeated their opponents on points.

Maltese Heavyweight Corito won his first fight by points, where in his previous six fights he won all by KO’s either in the first or second round. Without a doubt the fight between Corito and Scott 'bambam’ Welton was the highlight match of the night. Corito and his opponent Welton fought for six rounds of three minutes each, where in the first round both fighters came out swinging with hard and heavy punches. Welton immediately suffered a cut above his eye. The fight continued and both fighters kept on attacking each other until finally Corito won by points.

The fight between Maltese boxer Dione Galea and English boxer Wayne Roberts was for four rounds of two minutes each. During the four rounds Wayne Roberts tried his best to give Galea a challenge but it wasn’t enough. Galea’s experience prevailed and he went on to win the match by points to the joy of the Maltese supporters.

The Title fight between Maltese Daniel ‘spider’ Micallef and Richard Abu was for six rounds of two minutes each. Micallef went on to win by points. Clayton’punisher’Vella won the fight against Kyle’Il-bocc’Azzopardi by KO in the third round as Daniel Attard won by KO in the first minute of the first round against Tyler Olivia.

Before these fights there were two exhibition fights. The first fight was a boxing fight between Darren’noni’Mercieca and Alfred Bonnici. The second exhibition fight was a kick boxing bout between Brandon’bogon’Borg and Keith Mills. Both Brandon and Keith train the ‘The Art Of Fighting’ club.

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