Tom Hanks… an Inter-Milan fan?

Walking in the Qrendi countryside can reveal the most curious of Hollywood stars and Inter fans…

'Inter fan' Tom Hanks stops for a quick snapshot with Janet Mercieca.
'Inter fan' Tom Hanks stops for a quick snapshot with Janet Mercieca.

If the early morning Maltese traffic jams can drive Hollywood sensation Tom Hanks nuts, the Qrendi countryside and the view of Blue Grotto is not such a bad deal to pacify the actor.

Just a few hours after tweeting his frustration about his morning commute, in which he thought of getting a bike to brave bottlenecks in the Kirkop tunnel, the Hollywood actor was spotted enjoying the sunset and glistening blue sea in Qrendi.

I bumped into Hanks by the Blue Grotto belvedere, finding him accommodating to a quick snap with my friend Janet Mercieca.

"I love Malta, I love Malta," Hanks said, perhaps expectedly.

But it was his Inter sweater that was more revealing of the actor. Perhaps Hanks has a hidden passion for the nerazzurri? With 1,200 members, the Inter Club Malta is the largest foreign fan club for the Milanese team. Maybe Hanks can become their new patron...

Tom Hanks is currently in Malta filming 'Captain Phillips', which is to be released in 2013.

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He could be suffering the horrendous traffic on the California, 5 lane freeways, instead, like the 405. At least in Malta, he's only going single digit miles, as opposed to hundreds of miles.