Juve’s match-fixer Luciano Moggi is a Gzira resident... and can vote in Malta!

Leaked image of Luciano Moggi’s voting document shows he is eligible to vote for the Gzira local elections 

The disgraced former general manager of Italian football giants Juventus, Luciano Moggi, is a Gzira resident and will be eligible to vote in the 2019 local council elections in Malta. 

A photo of his voting document emerged on Wednesday evening, when TVM.com.mt published the leaked image of his document, one of several being prepared before despatch to their holders. 

Moggi’s name was also found on both company registers and the electoral register. 

Luciano Moggi
Luciano Moggi

Moggi was handed a life ban by the Italian football federation and sentenced to prison for his role in the ‘calciopoli’ bribes scandal. 

Moggi would influence referee selectors, charges he has denied, to obtain an advantage for Juventus. The match-fixing scandal occurred in 2006 when Juve was relegated to Serie B and Moggi was banned for life from football. 

The scandal was uncovered in May 2006 by Italian police, implicating league champions Juventus and other major teams including Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio and Reggina when a number of illegal telephone interceptions showed a thick network of relations between team managers and referee organizations, being accused of selecting favourable referees.  

He was later sentenced to five years and four months in prison, then reduced to two years and four months on appeal, until it was finally cancelled completely in 2015 when the charges were dropped – even though he was not acquitted. 

As a consequence of the scandal, the Italian Football Federation president Franco Carraroand the president of the Italian Referee Association both resigned. As for Moggi, after the 2006 season's final match of his team against Reggina, he announced that he would resign from his position and would retire from the world of football altogether.

Moggi had already declared he wanted to build a house in Malta, telling the Italiani a Malta community website in 2015 that he was speaking to architects to get works going.

Before being called as chief managing director by Juventus in 1994, he worked for and collaborated with several teams, such as Torino, Napoli, Roma and Lazio. He has a son Alessandro, who works as an agent for several football players and managers. He is head of GEA World, a consortium of football agents and managers, which the company and Alessandro were ranked the first by volume from 2002 to 2006.

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