Mayors no longer want ‘dangerous’ Mdina Grand Prix around their towns

Mdina, Rabat and Imtarfa councils say classic car grand prix should not be organised in their localities’ vicinity

Mdina Grand Prix (Photo:Malta Classic/Facebook)
Mdina Grand Prix (Photo:Malta Classic/Facebook)

The local councils of Mdina, Rabat and Imtarfa have come out against the Mdina Grand Prix being organised in the vicinity of their localities.

“While in principle they have nothing against the activity itself and/or the organisers, the Councils unanimously agreed that in view of the severe inconvenience to residents and the serious danger resulting from the severe congestion arising during the Mdina Gran Prix, this activity should be organised out elsewhere,” a statement read.

The classic car grand prix was started back in October 2007, when French entrepreneur and classic car enthusiast Thierry Giovannoni organised Malta’s first ever Classic Car Grand Prix on the ring road of Valletta.

In April 2009 enthusiasts brought together by this event set up the Valletta Grand Prix Foundation to carry on what Giovannoni had started. In 2011 the Malta Classic was transferred to its current home in Mdina, where it celebrates vintage style and speed against the historic backdrop.

This year’s Mdina Grand Prix is planned between the 13 and the 16 October.

In their statement, the councils called on concerned authorities to take any action necessary to find an alternative location for this activity.

“Should no arrangement be made, the three councils reserve the right to take any further actions which protect the interests of their residents,” they said.

‘Something doesn’t tally’ – Adrian Delia

Reacting to the council’s announcement, Nationalist MP Adrian Delia expressed his disagreement with the objections.

“So, we allow massive parties throughout summer, we allow mass events with thousands throughout the year, we allow activities of all sorts for commercial pecuniary interest, then we shackle an event which adds value, brings passion and beauty together and which enhances our touristic cultural calendar,” he said.

The MP stated that “something doesn’t tally”.