Style, flowing lines and craftsmanship at the Paris Motorshow

Glitz and glam at the Paris Motorshow, which this year showcases the intersection of fashion and automobiles

Both born at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, automobiles and fashion never stopped intertwining due to their shared taste for style. The Paris Motor Show 2014 pays homage to the concours d’élégance, craftsmanship, icons, shapes, colours and lines, that brought the two industries together.

As in each of its past editions, the Paris Motor Show 2014 will once again host an exceptional historical exhibition. In partnership with INA (the French Broadcasting Institute), Paris Première, RTL as well as the Studios Harcourt, this year’s chosen theme was “Automobiles and Fashion”. The exhibition follows the timeline of the great eras that left their mark on the history of Automobiles and Fashion.

Starting from pre-war Haute Couture and Concours d’élégance to the post-war Automobile dream, the Pop Art years, the Seventies and Eighties, combining futuristic concept cars and legendary advertisements, up until our era marked by the boom of niches, eco-friendly design and customization.

Over 50 cars, including the 1936 Delahaye 135MS by Figoni-Faslaschi, the 1968 Peugeot 404 Cabriolet Pininfarina, the 1975 Matra Bagheera Coupe by Courrèges, the 1981 Vogue Range Rover, the 1995 Renault Initial Concept Car with Vuitton Luggage, the 1998 Paul Smith Mini, the 2008 Citroën 2CV by Hermès, the 2014 Nissan CC by Lolita Lempicka and many more, will be displayed in pavilion 8 of the Paris expo Porte de Versaille.

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