ASMK Enduro at Ta' Qali next Sunday

The 'Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ (ASMK) is to continue the ASMK Pasta POIATTI 2014/15 National Enduro Championship 2nd event next Sunday 9th November.

This race is scheduled to take place at the ASMK Sports Complex at Ta' Qali. Registration for the race starts at 09.00am while racing starts at 10. 00am. The event is also open for non-ASMK members who will be competing in ‘Under 250cc’ and Over 250cc’ MX and Enduro bikes and another class is held for Trials bikes. An overall winner and Runner-up will also awarded a trophy.
Meanwhile on Sunday 2nd November the Association organized the 2nd Autocross meeting consisting of three Heats ans Final Races for Classes A and B. On the day bad weather and rain dominated in the morning. Yet, the Association retained the activity as planned. At 10.00am the event began when Mass was said to all ASMK members present. This Mass is organized annually in the month of November year after year in respect of those ex-members who now are in eternal life. All Flags on site are flown at Half-Mast in respect to all deceased members.
However Autocross racing started as scheduled at noon when the course surface turned into optimum conditions following the morning’s rain showers. Driving was spectacular as the track surface offered good grip in a sporty environment. Despite all this none of the competitors managed to win all the qualifying heats on the day.
Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo qualified for the Class A Finals together with  Melo Zammit and Manuel Muscat on an Opel Corsa. Philip Vella and Kieth Joe Borg on Opel Nova and Christian Apap on Ford Fiesta also made it to the Class A Start Grid.
The Start of this race saw Muscat take the lead from the beginning of the race. He was followed by Vella and Apap. After the first Lap Zammit advanced two places from fourth place. Zammit was followed by Farrugia who also advance a position while Vella dropped back to fifth place due to a mistake on track. Shortly after the second Heat Vella tried to overtake Farrugia and Apap but he (Vella) accidentally hit the tyre safety barrier next to the track side and overturned his car. The referee ordered the race to stop for safety reasons of the drivers on track.
Some time later another re-start was held but this time right from the start it was Galea seen to take the helm of the race. He was followed by Borg and Apap in second and third place respectively. No overtaking took place in the 2nd Start except that Muscat withdrew from the race due to a mechanical damage. Galea won this Class A Final followed by Borg and Apap.
For Class B finalists were Karl Micallef and Delia Duncan on a Ford Fiesta, Jason Martin on Volkswagen Polo, Martin Godwin on an Opel Corsa, Philip Grima on a Ford Escort and Carlos Mifsud on a Ford Fiesta. Fron the Start of this final Class B Micallef was seen to take the helm of the race followed by Jason and Martin Godwin. During this race all drivers were waiting for an opportunity for the right moment to advance a position. The element of competition was evident but no change in positions took place in the 9 Laps long race. Micallef took the Finish Flag of Class B race ahead of Jason and Godwin Martin. Delia, Grima and Mifsud retired from the race due to technical and mechanical faults.
Domenic Zammit from the Gozo Autocross Section dominated this Class on his Alfa Sud on the day. Joseph Agius on Ford Fiesta folloed in 2nd place. During the day Zammit won both the heats and the Final followed by Agius.

The Motocross races scheduled on the day were canceled for safety reasons of the riders due to the over-wet track from the morning’s rain showers. They are expected to race soon.
Next Event includes the 3rd Autocross event which is scheduled for the 30th November. Photos and other information can be seen at

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