Video game live-streaming is booming with over 2.5 billion active gamers

 In 2019, it was estimated that the industry was worth at least $120 billion with more than 2.5 billion active gamers in the world

Video games have been around for eons, but there's no mistaking just how popular it is to play them as a leisure activity. In 2019, it was estimated that the industry was worth at least $120 billion with more than 2.5 billion active gamers in the world.

What makes video games so popular?

What makes sitting on front of a screen and tapping away on a handset so enjoyable? Why is there such a high demand for video games? The following may explain why:

Multiple players

Video gaming is something you can enjoy alone or with other people. You can battle with your friends. You can work together with them on defeating opponents. Either way, a video game is something over which you can bond.


On the video games market, there is war. The competition is rife for video game creators and thus, designers have no choice but to get creative, in order for the manufacturers’ games stand out — and they certainly have done that. Some have done this by creating new twists on classic formats such as the shooter game and taken it away from the traditional military theme. Others have done more to appeal to women who enjoy gaming, or have started to develop an interested in gaming.


Video game graphics are miles better than they used to be. Games are becoming more immersive and realistic, with graphic cards makers grafting hard to make it possible. As a result, games are becoming ever-more interesting to watch and play.

Game developers are becoming more creative and competing to make sure their video games have the best graphics and features
Game developers are becoming more creative and competing to make sure their video games have the best graphics and features

The rise of live video game streaming

One other interesting feature of video games is that you can play them live online, locking horns with players across the world or forming teams with them and engaging in battle with other teams of players in various parts of the world. You can also stream yourself playing these games on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

Gamers have also developed an appetite for esports, and the industry has witnessed live game streaming become incredibly popular. As many as 500,000 performers stream themselves playing games live on Twitch every day — and as many as 1 million people will be watching them at any one time. It’s an excellent way for enthusiasts to discover new games.

What are the best games to stream?

There are some excellent titles out there, which you can enjoy online with your friends, and which you might wish to share with a wider audience. Here are some games to consider:

Online casino games

Whether you go to play slots online, card games or try your luck at the roulette table, an online casino offers excitement that you might want to share with others. Viewers may revel in the drama. Online casinos have made live roulette and other games with a dealer possible to stream so that the player can enjoy them from the comfort of their own home. Operators in the industry follow trends closely, including events in tech, to offer players the best experience.

Fortnite Battle Royale

“Fortnight Battle Royale” has become something of a modern classic because of its refreshing twists. Your aim is to be the last person standing and whereas in a lot of battle royale games you drop out of a plane, in this one you drop out of a bus onto the ever-shrinking map. You may be foraging for weapons, but this game steers clear of the much-implemented military theme, which breathes some new life into the battle royale as a format.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This game, available on Nintendo, is all about building the perfect tropical island paradise. You don’t have to build it alone, however. On the Nintendo Switch, you can register up to eight players on the same island and four can play on the island simultaneously. Not only that, you can play locally or online and visit each other’s islands. Anyone watching may not approve of how you govern and build up your island, but that’s all part of the intrigue if you stream it to others.

There are now many gaming titles that have a live game feature, including the online casino industry
There are now many gaming titles that have a live game feature, including the online casino industry

Could live video game streaming change the future of gaming?

The world of gaming has already seen some major trends and innovations this year, such as the development of mobile gaming and the introduction of subscription services for video gaming. The online casino world has contributed developments to this mix, too, with the creation of live casino, with true-life dealers dealing at true-life tables or operating true-life roulette wheels for players who are streaming the game into their homes. Then there is lightning roulette, a variation of normal roulette which ups the excitement and atmosphere with electrifying lighting and visuals.

Given the popularity of streaming, games makers in the casino world and in the traditional games one may choose to add live features to their games to increase engagement with the games. Visit YouTube and you’ll already find footage from people who have filmed themselves playing games such as slots, so casinos may well look at whether there’s a significant appetite for live streaming of online slots.

The introduction of live streaming has helped playing games transition from a solo activity to more of a social one. The streaming gives players a chance to connect with others, which adds to the gaming experience. This is something casino game operators and other professionals in the gaming industry may wish to consider when developing, designing and marketing games.

The one thing that’s abundantly clear is that live streaming is no passing trend; it’s here to stay. Whether you’re a professional in the industry or just a passionate gamer, live streaming is a space to watch.