2016 IFBB National Championships & International Grand Prix – Malta

The Malta Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness will organise the 2016 National Championships & International Grand Prix on the 23 and 24 April at the Grandmaster’s Suite of the Hilton Hotel.

On Saturday a record-breaking numbers of around 75 local competitors are expected to perform in various categories these being Bikini Fitness, Body Fitness, Men’s Physique, Classic Bodybuilding & Bodybuilding. Apart from the Juniors & Masters classes each category will be divided according to the height and/or weight of the competitor. The top 2 competitors in each height & weight class will qualify for the following day’s International Grand Prix and 8 competitors will qualify for the IFBB European Championships to be held in Santa Susanna, Spain in the beginning of May.

The following day will start with a technical & judges meeting followed by a posing seminar given by IFBB figure pro Norwegian Ellen Elizabeth Berg & IFBB International Judge Danish Lars Milsten.

Then in the evening the best Maltese athletes will battle it out with invited athletes from some European countries for €5000 price money in cash given out by the Federation thanks to the sponsors. These will be divided as € 1000 in each of the 5 categories:Bikini Fitness, Body Fitness, Men’s Physique, Classic Bodybuilding & Bodybuilding.

Two IFBB Pros namely William Bonac & Ellen Berg  along top amateurs Claire Mcgrath and our own Luke Debono & Jonathan Seychell will all entertain the crowd with their routines.

A record number of attendees is expected for these two great events. Tickets are out now and more info can be found on the federation’s website www.mfbbf.org and facebook group IFBB Malta.

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