William Hili and Hannah Pace win the first Road Race of 2016

The Malta Cycling Federation road race national championship started on Sunday 8 May 2016 with the race held in San Martin.

William Hili
William Hili

The Cyclist CC had great results as William Hili won the Elite category and Hannah pace won the Ladies category. In the Elite, Hili won in 1:53:15. Then two cyclists from the Team Greens, James Mifsud and Etienne Bonello finishes second and third respectively.

The Cyclist CC ladies team dominated their category as three of them Hannah Pace, Marie Claire Aquilina and Stef Alden finished in the first three places respectively.

After the race, medals were distributed to the winners in the various Age Group categories. The next race will be the second one of the Time Trial National Championship on Sunday 29 May 2016 at Mriehel By-pass.

Hannah Pace, Marie Claire Aquilina and Stef Alden
Hannah Pace, Marie Claire Aquilina and Stef Alden

Overall Results

1. William Hili - The Cyclist CC  1:53:15
2. James Mifsud - Team Greens  1:53:22
3. Etienne Bonello - Team Greens  1:53:32
1. Hannah Pace - The Cyclist CC 1:43:14
2. Marie Claire Aquilina - The Cyclist CC  1:45:06
3. Stef Alden - The Cyclist CC  1:49:10
Juniors Male
1. Nicholas Attard Montaldo - The Cyclist CC  1:38:24
2. Kurt Muscat - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC  1:43:48
3. Brandon Sultana - Gozo Greyhounds CC  1:43:49
Age Group Categories

F15  1. Veronique Pace Asciak - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 48:29.88 -

Under 15 Male
M15  1. Julian Gauci - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 44:00.03
40+   1. 60 Michael Camilleri - Team Greens 1:39:39
50+   1. 102 Steve Bell - The Cyclist CC 1:07:35
60+   1. 86 Emmanuel Camilleri - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 1:14:40

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