Kavallieri Rugby launch new stylish kits

Upkeeping high standards is Kavallieri Rugby’s continuous objective and this month the club launched the vibrant design at the recently inaugurated new Bridgepoint showroom at St. Venera.

Kavallieri Rugby launch new kits. Photo by Chris Desira
Kavallieri Rugby launch new kits. Photo by Chris Desira

The design strengthens the link the club has with the glorious local history and the present sport dynamism.

Club President Brian Miller has presented the new kits to the men’s Captain Darren Edmunds and the ladies’ Captain Maria Spiteri. Brian Miller stressed that this season’s kit launch has a special meaning with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the club. The club has reached new levels with over 150 members, with strong nurseries and senior rugby set ups.

This could not have been possible without the strong support from main sponsors, primarily ‘Megaman’, and ‘Bridgepoint’ and ‘Cisk Excel’. To be also mentioned is the important support from PKF, Mickey’s, Lautier Ltd, Pearly Bay, IDS Ltd and Scotstone Ltd.

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