MRFU Ladies 7's triangular tournament

Since the inception of Women's Rugby in 2003 the game has gone ahead in leaps and bounds and now they are playing in International tournaments throughout Europe.

Overseas vs Falcons. Photo by Ian Aquilina
Overseas vs Falcons. Photo by Ian Aquilina

By Bryan Corlett

Clubs are developing the Ladies game and the skill level has developed over time. Saturday’s Rugby down at Marsa was a triangular 7s tournament between Kavallieri, Overseas  and Falcon’s Women’s Rugby teams.

Kavallieri versus Overseas: 10-12 

Overseas played Kavallieri in the first game. There are just seven players in each team but the game is still played on a full size pitch and it is seven minutes each half. In the hot and humid conditions, that was still quite taxing on the players.

Overseas, who had just returned from playing in a tournament in Sheffield, where they came second, looked full of business and confidence as they took the game to Kavallieri, working the ball left and right, probing for gaps in Kavallieri’s defence, Charlotte Evans (6) burst her way down the middle, she fended off a couple of tacklers and scored under the posts. She converted her own try.

Overseas 7 Kavallieri 0.

From the restart Kavallieri moved the ball into space and Katherine Pace-Moore (7) used her “Pace” from halfway and headed for the tryline with two Overseas players in hot pursuit, she scored 10 metres to the left of the posts. No conversion, it was now Overseas 7 Kavallieri 5.

Both teams were not using the width of the field and were bunching up, making it easier to defend against. The expression “the ball always beats the man” is a good guideline when playing 7s.

Kavallieri were trying to stretch the Overseas defence but the OverShe’s were up to the task, putting in some heavy tackles.

An Overseas backline movement which looked promising fell apart due to a forward pass. Finally Overseas work Charlotte Evans (6) into space with a nice offload by Tessabelle Sultana (11) when held up in the tackle. No conversion, Overseas 12 Kavallieri 5.

Kavallieri chasing the game worked the ball left and right then put their Captain Amanda Cassar (2) through to score under the posts. That was where the game ended with Overseas 12 Kavallieri 10.

Overseas versus Falcons: 12-33

After a break of 30 minutes Overseas take on the Falcons looking pretty in pink, but dainty they are not, showing all their range of skills, passing and tackling they used the width of the field to score with Kimberly Riolo (6) taking a nice overhead lob from Beverie Sultana (12). Beverie previously had played a season in North America and her skill set is evident. Marion Azzopardi (7) converted the try.

Falcons 7 Overseas 0.

Sultana scored herself after a right then left backline move, she straightened the attack and with a fend she took out the last defender and scored. The Marion Azzopardi (7) conversion is good.

Falcons 14 Overseas 0.

Falcons were in a different class displaying superb long passes as they moved the ball from side to side, but it was their catching that let them down.

Katka Vrbacka (16) who plays for the Czech National team scored near the posts using her pace. Azzopardi (7) converted.

Falcons 21 Overseas 0.

Vrbacka (16) scored again, straightening her run in the backline she was too fast and powerful and went over near the posts. Azzopardi (7) converted.

Falcons 28 Overseas 0.

Finally Overseas got into the game when Charlotte Evans (6) looped around and took a pass and bumped her way through two would-be tacklers to score. She converted her own try.

Falcons 28 Overseas 7.

Again Evans (6) scored crashing her way over from five metres out, showing her strength and guile.

Falcons 28 Overseas 12.

From the kick off Rodianne Bugeja (10) passed wide to Beverie Sultana (12)who powered her way downfield to score.

Final score Falcons 33 Overseas 12.

Falcons versus Kavallieri: 24-0

From the kick off Falcons attacked going left from the tackle, quick ball reached Kimberly Riolo who broke the defence to score. Conversion Bugeja (10)

Falcons 7 Kavallieri 0

Sultana (12) is running strongly and sets up a try for Riolo (6) as she straightened the attack. No conversion

Falcons 12 Kavallieri 0.

A yellow card put a Kavallieri player in the sin bin with Sam Rammage, the referee, judging a foot trip was intentional.

A good run by Marion Azzopardi (7) from the half way as she weaved and stepped her way to the tryline, Kavallieri were grasping at shadows. The conversion is good.

Falcons 19 Kavallieri 0.

Berenice Sultana scored again from a tap penalty that was passed down the backline, she fended off two tacklers, to score with no conversion, to make the final score.

Falcons 24 Kavallieri 0.

This week the Malta Men's National Rugby team will travel for a training camp in Wales, then travel to play Croatia on the 14th, then they will be back home to play the Czech Republic on the 21st. We will take both Czechs and the Cash!

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