Falcons dominate Women's Rugby competition at Marsa

A review of rugby matches played on 23 January, 2016

Action from the match between Overseas vs Kavallieri. Photo by Ian Aquilinari
Action from the match between Overseas vs Kavallieri. Photo by Ian Aquilinari

By Bryan Corlett

It was excellent conditions for Rugby down at Marsa last Saturday, the sun was peeping through the clouds with a slight breeze, which was not enough to influence the games.

In the first game Kavallieri RFU took on the Overseas Rugby Club. Overseas kicked off and put pressure on the Kavallieri team who had to try to pass their way out of trouble, but the passes were too lateral, but finally Amanda Cassar ran it forward, but from the tackle Overseas turned the ball over and Charlotte Evans(6) broke through, but was well tackled.

Knock ons were slowing the game down and Kavallieri were struggling to get out of their half. Amanda Cassar(2) was hit hard in a tackle by Noemi Perez(4). A Kavallieri no arms tackle was penalised by Referee Phil Gibbs.

With the ball in hand Overseas applied pressure, passed down the backline from Sairita Cassar(7) to Noemi Perez(4) then to Wendy Pace(12) who used her pace to score.

Overseas 5 Kavallieri 0.

From the kick off Kavallieri's Lawra Grima(20) had a great run down the line 60 metres, but was tackled near the corner flag. From a knock on Kavallieri attacked going right, then left, but the Overseas' defence shut them down.

At half time it was 5 nil to Overseas.

In the huddle at half time, the Oversea's Coach Lionel Da Silva and Kavallieri's Keith Hopkins are urging their players on.

Falcon's kick off was knocked on, from the scrum Maria Spiteri(9) ran, she stepped the defence and down the touchline and around under the posts. Cassar(2) kicked the conversion, it was now 7 to 5 in Kavallieri's favour.

From the kick off Overseas tried to run it, but as they passed back inside Amanda Cassar(2) swooped and intercepted the pass to score. No conversion it was now Kavallieri 12 Overseas 5.

From the kick off Noemi Perez(4) had a brilliant run down the middle, showing her strength and speed, she changed her angle and pace to beat the last defender to score. With no conversion it was now Kavallieri 12 Overseas 10 and it was getting close.

But to finish the game Maria Spiteri(9) ran 60 metres around the Overseas' backline and down the line to score, with no conversion it finished at 17 to 10 to Kavallieri.

Overseas versus Falcons

With a short break now the Overseas are up against Falcons, who started their game in style moving the ball left and right, although Overseas were not letting them have it all their own way. Overseas are a team that have only been together for a few months, but they are beginning to settle as a unit and are developing their skill level, which augurs well for the team for the future. "Keep it up girls!"

Marion Azzopardi(7) side stepped her way through the defence to score and with the conversion it was Falcons 7 Overseas 0.

Silvia Gambino(13) ran hard and offloaded to Donevellon Sladden(11) who ran wide and down the left side to score. Falcons 12 Overseas 0.

Marion Azzopardi(7) was spot on with her kick offs, changing the angle and depth with every kick off and her distribution skills were putting her outside backs into space. From a quick throw in, the ball went from Gambino(13) to Azzopardi(7) to Sladden(11) which put Riolo(6) into space and she ran it in from 40 metres out. Falcons 17 to nil. It was pretty to watch,It was now half time. From the second half kick off

Sladden(11) had a great run down the middle and offloaded to Silvia Gambino(13) who scored. Falcons 22 to nil.

Deborah Cutajar(18) scored out wide after a backline move, with the ball going down the line.

Falcons 27 to nil.

Sladden(11) scored from a run and an offload in the tackle, that put her into space.

Falcons 32 to nil.

Katka Vrbacka(16) scored after side stepping the defence and went over under the posts, she converted her try to make the final score Falcons 39 to nil.

Kavallieri versus Falcons

In the final game Falcons attempted to play the same open style as they did against Overseas running left then right, but Kavallieri's defence was too tight. Marion Azzopardi(7) passed and took a return pass as she doubled around and then threw the ball wide to Kimberley Riolo(6) who ran around under the posts to score. The conversion was good and so it was Falcons 7 to nil.

Sladden makes a great run through a gap, but can't link with her outside backs and is then hit hard in a tackle by Maria Spiteri(9) At half time it was only 7 nil to Falcons.

From the second half kick off Justine Zammit(17) had a strong run at Falcons, but is tackled.Maria Spiteri(9) ran and kicked over Falcon's heads downfield, but Falcons recovered the ball and ran it back but Spiteri(9) to put in a thumping tackle to stop the movement. Maria Spiteri(9) playing now in another zone, ran from the half way to score, to put some pressure on the Falcons. It was now Falcons 7 Kavallieri 5.

Deborah Cutajar(18) showed her strength and speed with a great run down the middle and offloaded to Silvia Gambino(13) to score. The conversion was good.

Falcons 14 Kavallieri 5

Deborah Cutajar(18) wrestled the ball off the Kavallieri in a maul and sent the ball left to Kimberley Riolo(6) for her to score, to finish the game Falcons 19 Kavallieri 5.

Teams: Falcons: Sarah Gatt, Barabara Caruana,Kimberley Riolo, Marion Azzopardi, Caroline Gafa, Donevellon Sladden, Silvia Gambino, Katka Vrbacka, Deborah Cutajar, Francesca Bartolo, Diana Farrugia.

Kavallieri: Amanda Cassar, Abby Attard, Sarah Debono, Maria Spiteri, Jacqueline Richards, Bernice Beverly, Rachel Overman, Justine Zammit, Lawra Grima.

Overseas: Sarita Cassar, Charlotte Evans, Vanessa Calleja, Clara Castillo, Sixtine Chamouton, Wendy Pace, Noemi Perez, Victoria Sciberras, Mandy Dalli.

Swieqi Overseas too strong for Qrendi Falcons

In a game that was controlled by Referee Sam Rammage, Overseas ran out the winners by 39 to 0 against the Falcons Rugby Club.

Overseas did not have it all their own way and had to fight for every point as the Falcons defended stoutly. It was a stop start affair at times, as passes were dropped or went forward. Falcons had to defend their line on numerous occasions with a swarm defence that kept the Overseas at bay. Overseas are on a roll and next week will take on Kavalleri.

The Overseas scorers were Chris Borg 2, Roderick Borg, Pascal Holland, Justyn Hill, Duchange, Harvey.

Other scores Stompers 100 points Gladiators 7.

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