[WATCH] Official Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Song by Jason Derulo featuring Ira Losco released

The video brings together people from around the world to celebrate their respective flags and nationalities, adding lots of colour

Ira Losco and Jason Derulo
Ira Losco and Jason Derulo

The much anticipated music video for "Colors", a song by American singer and songwriter Jason Derulo featuring Malta’s own Ira Losco has just been released. The song is the Coca-Cola promotional anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

To drive home the important message of inclusivity, Coca-Cola partnered with emerging artists and superstars alike from around the globe to create localized versions of the song and embrace an international theme of inclusion and celebration in the months leading up to the FIFA World Cup.

“Colors” has been remixed by artists from Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and the tournament’s host country, Russia – all of whom have put their own unique twist on the song without losing the powerful message within, helping to create a true international anthem that resonates no matter the language.

The video brings together people from around the world to celebrate their respective flags and nationalities, adding lots of colour. Ira losco also used colourful scenes alongside dancers and young football enthusiasts using backdrops from Valletta, Marsaxlokk & Golden Bay backdrops. The unifying anthem is a rallying cry for fans around the world to embrace their “colours”, a concept that extends beyond country flags.

Wyclef Jean, also of Haitian descent, represents his “colours” in a cameo.  This version was mixed by Howard Keith at Jagged House Studios whilst Matthew Muscat Drago filmed the Malta scenes.

Ira Losco’s message in Maltese was also highlighted and included in a Global campaign bringing together several international artists and Coca-Cola Brand ambassadors. Her message was “Let’s not live in monochrome, let’s all live in a multitude of Colors. It makes the world such an unbelievable place!”

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“Everyone is here to make something happen. I wrote this song, ‘Colors,’ and to watch it change and morph with different cultures, languages and creative energies is really crazy to watch. Everyone’s way of working is different than mine, so the feel of the song is different when others jump on it. It’s a creative explosion – and I couldn’t be happier” said Jason Derulo.

This is not the first time the artist has been featured in the World Cup promotional anthem. 4 years ago she was also featured alongside X-Factor USA star David Correy. Ira Losco has been the Coca-Cola brand ambassador ever since. 

Ira Losco's latest album has also been released, celebrating 15 years of making music. Ira Losco is also expected to host a series of concerts and events throughout the year whilst Jason Derulo will be headlining ISLE OF MTV held in Malta on the 27th of June.