Labour MP nominates fellow MPs for ice bucket challenge

It’s official: the ALS ice bucket challenge has taken over the Maltese Islands with members of parliament now nominating each other to take a cold shower – ice included.

Screenshot: Labour MP Silvio Schembri takes on ALS ice-bucket challenge
Screenshot: Labour MP Silvio Schembri takes on ALS ice-bucket challenge

First we had the Westin Dragonara Hotel nominating the Minister for Tourism for the ALS ice bucket challenge; now we have members of parliament nominating each other to take an ice-cold shower during these hot summer days.

It must truly be a sacrifice.

Labour MP Silvio Schembri, who was nominated by radio presenter Carlo Borg Bonaci, accepted to take on the challenging task of having a bucketful of iced water dumped on him…while at the beach.

We deduce from the “oohh” and the “aaahh” that it was really cold.

But before taking on the challenge, Schembri nominated his fellow Labour colleagues in parliament parliamentary secretary Jose Herrera and Economy Minister Chris Cardona for the challenge.

Schembri also nominated Nationalist MP Kristy Debono, the PN’s spokeswoman for competitiveness and economic growth.

Fakawi frontman Pawlu Borg Bonaci also nominated Justice Minister Owen Bonnici.

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