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Daniel Mizzi reports from the law courts.
Updated | PN would order fresh inquiry into Gozo drug prosecution case - Busuttil
National 09-04

Simon Busuttil denounces inquiry as ‘whitewash’ as ministers allegedly involved in political interference and key witnesses were not interviewed by board of inquiry; laments 'total collapse' of law and order • Labour says Busuttil 'lacks stability and credibility'

PN to blame for Air Malta woes, tourism minister insists
National 02-04

After Simon Busuttil accuses government of refusing to take important decisions due to political consequences, tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis insists Air Malta is ‘stronger’ under Labour administration

Boost number of women MPs, President urges parties
National 02-04

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca says lack of representation of women in policymaking and decision-making processes undermining democracy 

Updated | Malta risks ‘serious ramifications’ due to populist tactics, Busuttil warns
National 02-04

PN leader Simon Busuttil says government is an ‘orgy of nepotism and vote-buying’ and is standing idly by watching Air Malta’s collapse • Labour Party say Busuttil's surplus critcism belie claims that Malta woudl need a bailoiut

Updated | ‘Muscat chose to protect drug traffickers over drug victims’ – Simon Busuttil
National 26-03

OPM blast ‘irresponsible’ Simon Busuttil after Opposition leader claims that Joseph Muscat turned a blind eye to drug trafficking following ministers’ intervention in Gozo drug prosecution

ID cards system not in crisis, ministry insists
National 26-03

Justice and local government ministry refutes report that Identity Malta is facing an internal crisis following collapse of ID cards system

Updated | Radical change in political system needed to eradicate corruption - Busuttil
National 19-03

PN leader says re-electing Joseph Muscat would mean five more years of ‘rampant corruption’ • Labour says Busuttil not defending Mario de Marco in the same way he had stood by Beppe Fenech Adami following CapitalOne inquiry

Busuttil claims all PL officials are on government payroll
National 12-03

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil refutes criticism over party's donations from db Group, says he would not accept donations as blackmail

Updated | PN’s secretary-general, CEO’s salaries paid by Seabank hotelier
National 05-03

The developers of a €300 million hotel project at the site of the ITS in St George's Bay have revealed they pay the salaries of the PN's top executive personnel

Update 2 | After de Marco case, Busuttil sounds warning to MPs having conflict of interest
National 05-03

Simon Busuttil says Opposition would be asking Auditor General to investigate contract for the transfer of the ITS site in St George’s Bay, db Group welcomes scrutiny • Beppe Fenech Adami says inquiry into Gozo drug prosecution a 'smokescreen', Labour says Busuttil lost all credibility

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