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Mark Camilleri is a historian and chairman of the National Book Council.
Literary and book circles are disappointed at cutbacks in shelving space
Blogs 17-08

Literary and book circles inevitably feel disappointed with any cutback in shelving space available in the market, especially in a prime location such as the international airport.

The threat of Islamic terror and our freedom of speech
Blogs 10-08

The notion that a vilification law is needed for national security defeats its own purpose. Parading people to court for vilifying Islam will only exacerbate security problems by making martyrs out of so called vilifiers, making the vilifying act even more popular in the process

What’s next after Bill 113?
Blogs 20-07

We should keep up the pressure on Labour to keep delivering in the field of freedom of speech. We should allow journalists and writers even more freedoms

National Book Prize | Celebrating our authors
Books 15-06

Local writers are becoming more prolific and their work is becoming even more daring and creative

Books in our education system
Blogs 11-05

We must not allow to have generations of students leaving school thinking that books are the equivalent of a users’ manual to a consumerist object. Books are the key to the success of our future generations

Don’t kill Bill 113
Blogs 27-04

The vilification of religion law is also a draconian and authoritarian law used simply and solely for the sake of protecting clerics and the Catholic religion.

No discussions please. We’re academics
Blogs 15-12

When the majority of the Maltese people are craving answers on crucial and major questions on the Maltese language, some academics keep showing reluctance to engage with the public and provide potential solutions

Books: What needs to be done
Blogs 02-12

These are exciting times for Maltese authors and publishers and the success of the recent Malta Book Festival is just one element which proves this

Keeping vilification law is about power politics
Blogs 07-10

We shouldn’t allow the Nationalists to scaremonger their way into power at the expense of our freedoms. 

Dogma and untruths in the name of St Augustine’s despotic God
Blogs 01-09

It is only natural that the head of the Catholic Church in Malta would oppose further progress in our civil liberties which, to his perception, only serve to allow even more immoralities in today’s supposedly degenerate post-modern era.

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