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Mark Camilleri is a historian and chairman of the National Book Council.
A national language debate stifled by righteousness
Blogs 04-08

If the council expects to release communiques in the form of diktats, without trying to explain how it arrives at its conclusions, this will not help it win the respect of the public

Our books are our country
Blogs 07-07

The publication of great pieces of Maltese literature and academia is an ongoing process with its own rich history and one can surely feel proud when making reference to these works to future generations.

Malta’s greatest historian ever
Blogs 25-05

Godfrey Wettinger was a laborious student of history who grew up to challenge the myths and dogma propagated by the clerical establishment for hundreds of years

An appeal to re-think cultural policy
Blogs 17-03

Serving to all its intents and purposes as a pseudo-intellectual diatribe against populist aesthetic contempt, the Piano debate has certainly not been an important contributor to society’s cultural and intellectual development.

Greece – It’s about your future, not your money
Blogs 09-02

We cannot afford to be short sighted at a time of great historical change in Europe; and Malta, in spite of its size, plays an important role in this scenario.

Reasons to rejoice: book consumption is on the rise
Blogs 07-01

The National Book Festival can only exist as a contributing component to the cultural development of our society so long as our economy grows and people will keep having enough money to buy books. 

The uncultured bourgeoisie of the Maltese islands
Blogs 25-11

Concepts such as social responsibility and research and development are totally alien to Malta’s major entrepreneurs. How many of the large companies fighting for the right to make profits out of gambling, are contemporaneously investing in the arts?

Let’s not lose our public libraries
Blogs 07-07

By Mark Camilleri, chairman of the National Book Council

Brinkmanship, bluff and Freedom Day
National 31-03

When I think of Freedom Day, social justice comes to mind: we must conserve the achievements of the 1970s in light of the strong wave of austerity politics being implemented across Europe 

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