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Paul Cocks joined MaltaToday after having spent years working in newspapers with The Times, and later The People, as well as in the print industry.
[WATCH] Joseph Muscat: 'Up to PBS to sack John Bundy'
National 02-10

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on the Bundy controversy: 'They did not ask me for my opinion and I have therefore not said what I would have done'

Mount Carmel female patients pen letter from inside ward where they sleep on the floor
National 02-10

The conditions inside the ward were recently given prominence by Democratic Party MP Godfrey Farrugia, who requested that Commissioner for Health Charles Messina carry out an investigation

Vassallo tells Delia to dismiss kingmakers and yes-men
National 01-10

The outspoken MP said Adrian Delia would be tested every da in his role and needed 'someone like me because I have the moral fibre to stand up and not be a yes-man'

San Lawrenz mayor and Qala deputy barred from contesting ALC elections ‘to maintain status quo’
National 01-10

Labour sources confirmed that PN leader Adrian Delia and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, in their first meeting earlier this week, agreed to maintain the status quo in the Association of Local Councils

PN’s pre-budget document slams Panama Papers scandal for failure to attract Brexit relocations
Budget 2018 29-09

PN says government’s poor handling of the Panama Papers scandal caused Malta to lose out on high-profile 'Brexodus' players

From fossil fuels to electric: when will Malta make the switch?
Environment 29-09

Making a clean switch from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles is no mean feat for a country not yet weaned from petrol and diesel cars. How possible is it to make Malta go green? 

Jean Pierre Debono’s U-turn on resignation shows Delia ran out of all options
National 25-09

After claiming in his election campaign that he had a clear route to the House, Delia could only rely on MP Jean Pierre Debono’s resignation to take up his seat in parliament

Eddie Fenech Adami's son-in-law quits PN citing new leader's 'personality cult'
National 25-09

The son-in-law of former Nationalist Party leader Eddie Fenech Adami has resigned from the PN because of doubts about Adrian Delia's past and the constant attacks on whoever criticised the new leader

MPs start PAC hearings on abusive Spinola development that took public land
National 25-09

Abusive developers allowed to retain building that illegally protruded onto government land and granted €425,000 ‘discount’ under Nationalist administration

Gozitan missionary priest Fr Gorg Grima dies, aged 67
National 25-09

The founder of the Gesu fil-Proxxmu missionary movement died Monday morning, having recebtly undergone heart bypass surgery

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